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Default Things to ad to 3.0.5 (Feedback Welcome)

There are still several inconveniences in the Mac Version that should be addressed soon for the next update... or just soon.

1) Record & Playback
There is no way to record/load/export, etc *.vrf files. I believe everyone may agree this is a necessity; especially if you are using vent to export conversations, interviews, announcement & plain old anything for any type of audio production.

2) Bug on OSX Leopard (maybe for others)
When you load up vent for the first time, and you have a PTT, you always have to click "Setup" and then "OK" in order for your Push to talk to function.

This is quite annoying, because when you log up for the first time, you naturally transmit; but others don't hear you until they start asking if you are there. Then you are reminded "Hey I need to click Setup and OK... AGIAN".

3) Grid View (not a priority)
It would be nice to get this going for the gawd awfully long vents. Also, each channel type should also display a light color to distinguish itself easily in this view mode.

4) Custom Channel Property per Server
Lastly, a way to set up which channels you want expanded when you join a particular server. Currently any of the "Display" Commands don't work; but you can manually expand the users in a channel, however they reset when you reconnect.

Wouldn't it be nice to join a vent, that takes you eons to scroll through to find your buddies, with only your favorite channels expanded. Or why not have a Friend Finder property; only the channels your friends are in expand for that server; the rest are collapsed

Please !support #-# of the above list, or !deny #-# with a constructive argument; to speed along feedback. i.e. !support 1-4
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the next release of the mac client will include most (if not all) of the same capabilities of the windows client.

2) did you: Goto - System Preferences -> Universal Access -> Enable access for assistive devices (turn it on)

1, 3, 4 - The Devs have indicated those ideas are already being included.
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1. Need a way to normalize the volume of individuals in the channel. Manual is fine for the usual raiding, but it can be a hassle when entering a new server and adjust all the volumes just to do a pug.

2. CODECS. GSM really needs to be added to the Mac client. It's the default and many people just aren't willing to change...or can't change...CODECS just to serve the Macintosh community.

Anything else is a "nice to have". These are the "must haves".

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GSM is not likely to ever come to the Mac, and Flagship has no control over that. Those who won't change from GSM to SPEEX to accomodate Mac users are just lazy, it takes all of 30 seconds to do.
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GSM is a codec that must be purchased.

i.e. it is not open source - any company that wants to use it must pay a licensing fee to include it in their operating system.

Additionally, Codecs are not generally application specific, they are operating system specific so Apple would have to pay the licensing fees to include it in their OS.

I have done development work with both GSM and Speex and imo, Speex is a more efficient, higher quality codec that is both free and open source. GSM is better suited for cell phone communications (which are generally low quality compared to internet based communications) while Speex is a much better suited for internet communications; the right tool for the job.

To change from GSM to Speex, as the above poster said, it takes 30 seconds. None of the clients know any difference as they change over automatically and many people have found they can run Speex at a lower bit-rate (i.e. less bandwidth usage) and still get the same or better quality as GSM.

Your mileage may vary.

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