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Default Problem with seeing people in ventrilo.

Hi, I just recently got this problem and I'm hoping someone can help me out here. Just now, ventrilo server disconnected on me. When I got back on, everyone was gone. I asked one of my friends if they were still on Ventrilo and they say there were still inside. I couldn't see them at all. Every time I restarted, disconnected and reconnect again I still couldn't see them. Sometimes I can see one person on but she can't even see me on the list or hear me. Can someone help me out? Please and thanks =]

I tried searching everywhere for a solution but I guess I'm seriously bad at it.

< EDIT: I GOT IT FIXED NOW :] SO NO NEED TO RESPOND BACK. UHM, YOU CAN CLOSE THIS TOPIC IF YOU WANT...Sorry, I'm a bit new to this but now I got it solved by myself>

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