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Default VENT not getting enough CPU cycles

While playing WoW, VENT is not getting enough CPU cycles to operate properly. About 70% of the time, its okay - but then the other 30% of the time, people say my voice sounds "grumbly" or all broken up. I can hear them perfectly fine. It is only the sending of my own voice that there is an issue with. If I exit WoW, all of a sudden my voice clears up and they can hear me fine.

I did not see any options in the client panel for messing with the execution priority of the application, or doing any type of adjustments to the data output. I am using a USB based headset for the VENT input/output, connected to a MacBook Pro using OSX 10.5.8
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CPU cycles are probably not the issue. It's an issue with Vent and 10.5.6/7/8

see this thread


Unfortunately there is no current fix. The issue is affecting lots of people that use USB audio input - Vent, Skype, Garageband and a number of other applications are affected.
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