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Default Contacting server - no 3784/TCP or 6100/UDP traffic at all

Hi all. Here's yet another "can't connect to server" thread.

I'm quite experienced with networking but this has me baffled. I searched the forum but have found no answers.

My router is an old Linksys WRT54G (version 2 IIRC) running the alternative Tomato firmware (which I can recommend). I have forwarded ports 3784 UDP/TCP and 6100 UDP on my router to my server. (Why do I need 6100 UDP, by the way?)

I've power cycled the router several times, with no effect. (Tomato shouldn't need that, I'm pretty sure, but I did it anyway.)

I've set up Ventrilo server (free) 3.0.3 on my Ubuntu (Intrepid) Server. I'm trying to connect using Ventrilo client 3.0.4 on Windows XP Pro. The server is available on the network and I administrate it using SSH (from home and at work). The Ubuntu Server firewall (ufw) is disabled and uninstalled and the Windows firewall is set to allow Ventrilo to connect. The status page on tells me the server is not responding. My website and other services are available, so I can tell the server is up. I checked and there are no sub-interfaces on eth0, the only network interface.

Even connecting from the internal network I get the "contacting server" message. A "telnet localhost 3784" on the server connects to Ventrilo server, with a disconnect shortly afterwards and an entry in the log. But a "telnet 3784" from my Windows system does not connect at all ( being my server's IP, naturally).

Wireshark (on the Windows side) shows the client sending the occasional datagram on 3784/UDP but no traffic at all on 3784/TCP or 6100/UDP. Running "sudo tcpdump -q -ieth0 udp | grep 3784" on Linux shows the same UDP datagrams arriving at the server, as expected.

I think I've covered all the bases. Have I missed something?

Thanks for reading.
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just tryin to help
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on the router, have you tried creating 2 entries for port 3784, one for TCP and one for UDP?

does wireshark show any tcp packets when trying to telnet from windows xp box?
is the xp box on the same network, 10.22.8.x
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