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Default Output turning into a loop or not transmiting at all

Once I started using .9 today and got going for a few minutes in vent a new problem I've never seen before occured. My sound output (what people in vent were hearing) started looping what I would say into small quick bursts and keep doing it the whole time totally incoherent. When I looked in my system preferences at the sound contorl panel and the input bar for my logitech usb headset theres a horizontal bar that goes left and right whenever I'm transmiting something into the mic to depict the volume of it. Even though not a word was being said it was still transmiting and looked like a loop when ever this problem arised. It doesn't happen constantly but is extremely often. Even if I quit vent and open it back up the problem persists. The only fix seems to be restarting my computer. Anyone else having problems similiar to this?
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That's odd. Never experienced it during any of my testing of .9

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Well Flagship here are my specs if that helps you at all:
1.6 ghz G5
Mac OS 10.3.9
Logitech USB Headset

Now I do have the headset plugged into the keyboards USB ports instead of directly into the computer itself. I'm about to try it into the comp and see if I can create the looping again. Not sure why being in the keyboard's ports would cause any trouble but who knows. Also flagship is there a link available back to vent prototype .6? I'd rather switch back to that one since at least for me it was much more stable.
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