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Default Cannot be heard!

Hey all, so I'm going to cut straight to the chase.

I cannot be heard by others at all.

I have unchecked the mute microphone/binds.
I do get the -XMIT- and green.

But I cannot be heard at all, I've tried numerous options in voice but nothing.

I do know my mic is on 44100 HZ 16 bits. And I've gotten as close to that being the option, GSM 6.10 44kHz.

I've read a little on other forums but nothing that helped me. Anyone else experienced same issues, or know how to resolve this?

Many thanks in advance.
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just tryin to help
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Testing the Microphone with Windows
(the microphone must work here before it will work with any voice-comm program)

Windows XP
Control-Panel / Sounds and Audio / Voice Tab / Test Hardware Button

Windows Vista/Windows 7
Programs / Accessories / Sound Recorder / create a recording then save it
Windows Media Player (WMP) / playback recording
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Thanks for the help, seems like my microphone died shortly afterwards I got the ventrilo problem, it worked for skype for an hour or two after I started looking into the problem, and afterwards not even with skype. Thanks for the info anyway, I had tried out what you typed, but nothing seemed to work ( and all this was done before discovering that it didn't even function with skype).
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