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Default Transmit Rank Level problem


I created a few ranks and gave them a rank power. I then created a channel and set it to Queued with at Transmit Rank Level of 50. The rank I have assigned for myself is rank 100.

The problem is, I get a N next to my name and no one can hear me, even though my rank power is higher than the transmit rank level. Everyone that goes into the channel has a N next to their name no matter what I set that to even if I set it to 0.

It is a new server created at this point roughly 15 hours ago, any thoughts on why the rank power is not working?

Thanks in advance.
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even tho it's set to Q'd you should still be able to xmit as long as no one else is xmitting at the same time. you will see the 'N' disappear and a green icon when you are able to xmit.

if you set the channel to 'muted' then you won't see the 'N' if your rank is higher than what the channel rank is set to.

if others can't hear then check what color they see your icon when you're xmitting. if it's yellow then there is a permission setting that's not allowing them to receive your broadcast.
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