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Default 3.0.1 STILL MSG:Syncronizing

OK,.. I have waited a week. I come home from work see the new version expecting to finally be able to USE the program again,. and I have the exact same problem I did with 3.0.0. "MSG:Syncronizing" I give up. it seems obvious to me now that you just arent concerned with providing a working product to your users. If you were, there would be SOMETHING indicating that u are at least trying to resolve the issue. I see that ur gathering info about the issue in one of the posts but that really doesnt provide a light at the end of the tunnel for the ppl suffering from the problem. I use Vent for WOW. and thanks to this "Upgrade" I havent been able to attend a single raid in a week. I am stedly falling behind my guildies and I am generally ticked off. Vent improved the quality of the game and now you are ruining it for me. Thanks alot for nothing.
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