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Default Question on Chan Auth admin setup


Is it possible to set up a user to be able to Assign/Edit Chan Auth using a global list of users?


Person A has admin rights to a Channel A that is a Chan Auth opted channel, as well as the ability to Assign/Edit Chan Auth on the Admin tab. Person B has the exact same setup on Channel B. They share the same user base except some are allowed in one, and not the other and vice versa, and some are allowed in both.

Can they share the same user base so they can only be admins and control the user access list for their respective channels and not global server admins?

If not is it possible to request a future feature to not neccesarily Add/Delete users, but merely view them for Chan Auth functionality? Maybe it is just a matter of letting users with Assign/Edit Chan Auth checked on the Admin tab to view the global user listing.

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