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Default Msg: Connecting

Iíve been having problems using Ventrilo 3 on my universityís network recently and apparantly thereís been a lot of questions floating as to when a patch will be available for the now UDP reliant Vent3. So I posted the following on the Ventrilo 3 forums:
When asked in the post (ĒAre we going to get some answers?ď) about what university/college students should do to solve for getting stuck on ďMSG: Contacting server.Ē, Flagship writes:
Originally Posted by Flagship Then ask your IT department to make the necessary adjustments.
My first reaction was ďYou have got to be joking me. What cloud is he living on?Ē Most IT departments are not just going to unblock traffic for a small group of gamers who live on campus- much less a single studentís request. Iíve tried this route, itís a policy changeÖ It runs through a bureaucracy where if one person on that ladder says no, itís dead. Additionally, you fail to outline what ďadjustmentsĒ should be made to support Ventrilo 3.
Ventrilo 2.x worked.
Ventrilo 3.x broke. Hereís what your (mainly University/College) users are saying:What most of us students stuck without Ventrilo really want is a build of 3.0.3 client that fixes all of the problems in relation to UDP. Otherwise a nice little sticky telling us when can we expect to be able to connect to a Ventrilo 3.x server (Especially since we were forced to move to 3.X by our own hosts.) Hell, Iíll even beta test it.
Youíre not only toying with your users, but also with the users of Ventrilo server companies. You are now playing with the lifeblood of server companies who maintain themselves through your product. They canít answer questions when something like this happens to a product they didnít make. Itís not their responsibility, please donít put them into this position. It just frustrates users even more.
Flag, Iím formally asking you, as a longtime user of Ventrilo, to talk to your community. Youíre a developer, sometimes as developers we just want to push out our project when we think itís ready, only to turn out that there is an extra feature (scope creep) that someone wanted or there was some bug that needed to be fixed. Thatís understandable, however just leaving them in the dark is something else entirely.
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