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Default Speex complications

I have a guild member that uses a Mac. He is unable to hear/speak in Ventrilo. I was reading the threads and I see that I must change the server to be a speex server. I looked at the tutorial that you have to do that and it is of no help to me. When I downloaded Ventrilo it simply gave me the program. I searched my computer for the file that I am supposed to be able to edit, and it is no where to be found. Might someone be able to explain in better detail than the posts I have previously read, how to change my ventrilo server to speex? Thank you
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ventrilo_srv.ini - change the voice codec and format to 3 and 20 (suggested by another poster). type in ventrilo_srv -? to see all options.

VERY INPORTANT: ALL (and I do mean ALL) windows users that connect to the server must use the ventrilo windows BETA client (download from main vent site).
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The actual server is what has the ventrilo_srv.ini file. If you use a hosting company, contact them to change the codec to Speex.
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