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Default Windows 10 Patch verson 1803 Problems.

Noticed that Windows 10 patch version 1803 has more privacy setting that can cause audio problems for ventrilo, this includes not finding the microphone or tossing errors.

So to ensure your ventrilo works:

1. Make sure the service called "Capability Access Manager Service" is set to automatic and is running.

2. Make sure you look under windows 10 settings > privacy > microphone and turn on "Allow apps to access your Microphone".
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Default Windows 10 Patch verson 1803 Problems

My game crashes once or twice in every game, causing a bugsplat message to occur and me to reconnect. I have never had this issue before the last patch. I am running 10.7, but Im unsure if that is the root of the issue or if the client is having problems
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what version of the client are you running?
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