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Default Person recording voice for ******* without permsission

I was on a ventrilo server with my two other friends and our friend had to leave and this person joined with his same username. Me and my friend used our names and we talked normally for a while when we noticed that our other friend wasnt talking very much. all of the sudden he started to yell "OH MY GOSH" a million times. we went into chat with him and he said he was going to post this on *******. i started to get into a fight with him trying to get him to not post the video. my friend recorded the entire convo so we had prove of that. earlier an admin joined and we thought he was just messing around since he was playing Arnold Schwarzenegger sounds. so we used our ventrilo usernames and continued playing. then he left and came back on with another username. he kept doing this. he spammed as well .If this is not the right place to post this please put a link for reporting i couldnt find it:P
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unfortunately, we do not have access to any servers as they are privately owned.

individual users can configure the client to not allow recording. (clik the rt-arrow next to the server name at the top, then uncheck 'allow others to record')

the server admin can also disable recording on a per user basis.

the server owner and/or admin(s) should be contacted regarding any abuse.
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