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Default Can not get to connect host details are correct

Just bought a brand new laptop, can not get vent to connect just keeps saying connecting..i downloaded the 64bit for windows 7 and can not get it to connect i know im entering all the information correct any advice on what to do???????
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Have you contacted the owner of the server to ensure that the server is still online? Once you have done that, double-check that the information you are using is still correct, and has not been changed.

The 'Contacting Server' message is notifying you that your connection is not able to establish communication with the server. This is usually caused by Anti-Virus software, or a Firewall. Make sure that if you're using a router, you have attempted to connect the ethernet cable directly from your modem to your PC. Make sure that Windows Firewall is OFF, and click the Exceptions tab to remove ventrilo from the list. Once you run Ventrilo again, the firewall should not be asking you to add Ventrilo to the list as it should be shut off at this point. Let us know if you're still having issues.

1. Turn off all Anti-Virus/Firewall software.
2. If you're using a Router, try connecting your modem directly to your PC.
3. Right-click Ventrilo and 'Run as Administrator' to open it.
4. Try powering down your modem/router for 10 seconds.
5. If you cannot connect directly, are you currently on a wireless connection?

The password you're seeing is a default encryption, and will always appear the same whether you're entering 1 character or 8.
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