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Default Need help creating Channel Admin, nothing is visible.

Hello every one,

So I am trying to create channel admins, to do the standard move, kick, ban etc, here is how I am going about it and what is happening.

1. Login is as admin
2. Create a user from list, set password and set their admin rights, kick, ban, move.
3. from channel admin tab, move the parent categories from avail to current.

Ok so all seems like it should work from there if im correct, however, what happens is if you log into that account with its password all you get is an empty vent with no visible rooms and no people.

I have tried everything aside from asking here. I tried setting the user to switch channels, I tried making people default to a specific channel, I also went into net work tab and started foolin around and clicked on show room etc etc, which sort of got me going, but it just is not working as it should.

Can any one please help a vent newbie out. I did read the instructions, though they are very slim in that section.

I even tried this from a PC and same issues, so my question is, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks in advance!
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have you configured the other tabs in the User editor?
most importantly Display?

I would recommend applying the Generic Admin profile and then go into each tab and remove/uncheck what you do not want this user to have.
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