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Default Known issues

This thread will be updated with the list of known issues as they are discovered. The thread is locked so it doesn't turn into a general discussion thread.

These items are things that were discovered after the release of Prototype.6


1) Setup-Voice: Output device selection is ignored.

FIXED: Download 2.3.2.Prototype.7 or higher.


2) Setup-Voice: Test button does not work.

FIXED: Download 2.3.2.Prototype.14 or higher.


3) Setup-Voice: Key clicks is not currently supported.

FIXED: Download 2.3.2.Prototype.9 or higher.


4) Setup-Voice: If you enable "Use Push-To-Talk Hotkey" then you must do the following:

Edit: Starting with Prototype.11 if you click on the PTT check box in Setup-Voice it will instruct you on what to do.
Close the Ventrilo client
System Preferences
Universal Access
Check the "Enable access for assistive devices"
Restart the Ventrilo client

5) Quit causes crash

FIXED: Download 2.3.2.Prototype.7 or higher.


6) PTT gets stuck when Caps-lock is lit

FIXED: Download 2.3.2.Prototype.14 or higher.


7) USB Headphone or Microphone device settings are lost when I add/remove USB devices

This problem is fixed in the next major upgrade. Had to change the way I track hardware identifiers. In the mean time you can prevent this from happening by not adding and removing USB devices to your computer.
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