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Default auto mute people joining chan?

couple of my friends and i use a pub vent server for gaming since I dont have my own server anymore. the pub server has a bunch of channels, some with a limit of 2-3 people and others that have 10 or unlimited slots. we usually end up using a 10 slot (if available) or unlimited chan (as a side note, these meant for gaming, we arent trying to take over chatroom type chans) because we'll have a 5+ person team going... problem happens when trolling 12 year olds join the chan and use soundboards, or play music really loud, or in general try to piss us off. muting them individually means tabbing out of the game, muting, and tabbing back into the game which can take about 10 seconds, which is forever in a lot of games.
to get to my question then, is there a way to set up vent so that the default mode for users is muted? that way we could just unmute each other, and not be able to hear anyone who joined trying to troll. alternatively, is there a way to set vent so that people joining the chan will be automatically muted, unless i specifically unmute them?
appreciate any help
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