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Default Unable to connect to locally hosted server using Dynamic DNS or outside IP with 2wire

Hello everyone.

I've been running a linux server for a long time on my Ubuntu box. Regarding outside connection, I used to have Comcast Cable, with the cable modem, and then a Linksys Router (Loved it with DD-WRT). Notice how I'm using the past tense here though? :P We recently switched to AT&T U-verse, thus changing our network topology to using just a 2wire 3801HGV Residential Gateway. I was fine with that, it seemed relatively stable and fast. However, I've just never liked 2wire's method for port forwarding.

None the less, I realized that after we started using that modem, I could no longer locally connect using either my Dynamic DNS (which I assure you is updated), or by using my outside IP address. This would almost certainly seem to indicate an issue with my configuration of the 2wire router, although I'm not quite sure what. I can of course ping the host of the ventrilo server, and the port for the ventrilo server is open (users not on my network can connect fine).

Does anyone else happen to have a 2wire based network device that has experienced similar issues, and knows/may know how to fix this?

Many thanks in advance.

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