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Default Ventrilo windows 10 problems

I have just built a system from the ground up and used Windows 10 64bit. I can install the Ventrilo client but when I go to run it, i get a ?MSG: Contacting Server message. It does allow me to connect to the server about every other day. This is the exact same server that I have connected to countless times with the same router but with a different computer so I know its not a port issue. I change nothing and it will allow me to connect one day and not the next. Is there some sort of driver problem that I should look at that I havent thought of or am I just pretty much screwed. When I am able to connect to the server the sound and quality are excellent with no lag or problems. I have uninstalled and reinstalled ventrilo twice to still no avail. If anyone has any recommendations I would happily entertain them.


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the next time it happens the easiest to try first is open a command prompt and try pinging the server. then try to telnet to it

temp disable all virus/malware apps. if that works then add vent to the exceptions list.

also, goto the motherboard manufacture site and check for updates to the BIOS/chipset/drivers/other hardware
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