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Default robot voice, yes i am posting yet ANOTHER case of it.

well, i somehow have been infected by robot voice. vent was working great a week or so ago and then BAM enter the robot voice.
system specs:
intel core2 quad 9550
xfx 790i mobo
4gb ocz ddr3
xfx 260 max-core video card
soundblaster X-FI Go USB
four 80gb hard drives in a striped raid array
1000watt PSU
60" plasma TV
win7 ultimate
wired cat6 gigabit lan to my router for internet

what i have checked / tried:
speak easy bandwidth test shows 23MB DL and 8MB UL consistant
event viewer shows no issues to speak of
ping -t and tracert show no hiccups to speak of. inside and outside of my network to the vent server
dxdiag shows no issues to speak of
all of the various fixes on this website and a few others
set the CPU affinity for vent to run on a single core only
removed any extension cables so it goes from: usb port to X-FI Go to earbud head set
replaced earbud headset
tried using onboard sound
restored windows to a previous state where vent worked
beating on my keyboard until all of the little buttons were scattered across my floor {ok, not really}
threatened my vent client with abysmal doom!! {yes really}
donkey punching a midget
all of these and many others to crude to mention to no avail...../heavy sigh

does there happen to be a check list of sorts that i could look over as far as what causes robot voice? do i need to open / forward ports on my router to make it work? i did end up swapping out my wireless router as my 14$ red china special from newegg crapped out on me {ya, vent worked with the old crappy mcweak sauce router i was using for nearly 4 years}. does threatening vent with abysmal doom!! actually do anything? im trying to keep this post on the lighter side as we all know how forking irritating something as crazy and rediculous as robot voice can make us all.
so, being a geeky ol' nerd, if anyone has from more defined to more radical fixes, i am all ears.
thanks for your time everyone,
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