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Default vent 4.1.1 not working with Mac intel OS 12.1

Long time user of vent. Just upgraded from Mac intel from 2011 and OS High Sierra to Mac intel 2020 and OS Monterey (12.1). And upgraded from old Ventrilo version (don't recall which, but was pre-v4, and ran swell, but won't run on Mac OS 12) to ventrilo pro 4.1.1.


1) Got the message many others have received in the past couple years about ventrilo not being a recognized apple developer, so had to use the security workaround, or the Mac OS wouldn't let me open the installer. Got it installed.

2) Can't setup the app for PTT and listen--it gives me 4 choices for the codec to use, but...

a) regardless of which I choose, it will not save my choice--everytime I click the gear setup button, my codec choice and KHz are back to the default (which don't work).
b) if I choose GSM 6.10, and then do test, I get the error message "Program bug. Source codec does not exist."
c) if I choose the other 3, and use any format KHz, and do test, it records me just fine (better of course with higher KHz) and it sounds good (such a melodious tenor voice I have, and my buds deserve to hear it), but....
**see 2)a) above, and
**nothing I do lets me actually go transmit to a server. I can connect, and I see myself in the server, but my light stays red and no one can hear me. I also can't hear others speaking to me. My mic is not muted, and it's the same with internal mac speakers vs. my USB logitech g330 headset.

Help. A game without my teammates' and enemies' voices is...just not a game.

I don't think it's other hardware issues, but if it will help to provide how many cores of cpu and Gb ram etc I have, let me know.

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