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Default Router problem - resolved

I have been using 2.3.0 for a month and successfully running a server while connecting directly to dsl modem. Now I am connecting through a Netgear router, and even though I have configured it to open port 3784, I cannot connect to my own server (nobody else can either). I have used add/remove programs to remove the server and then reinstalled it. I now find that I can connect to my own server by using my internal IP and that others can connect to me using my external IP.

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Having a Netgear router myself, I tihnk I have an understanding of your problem. The deal is, Netgear routers (especially residential routers) don't like to allow internal IPs (clients on the inside network) to connect to it's external (WAN) IP. This has been a thorn in my backside for a number of years. The only way I have ever been able to get around this is to create a static route to the public IP of the router. This does not work on all Netgear routers, but my MR314 lets me do it this way. If all else fails, just accept that you will have to connect to the local IP while your friends can safely connect to the public IP.
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