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Default Speex Codec - Background sounds


I read a bit in the Forums and many people said that the Speex Codec is a good choice.

But this Codec is driving me mad!!!

There is a high frequency background noise all the time.
I tested it with 2 friends, they complained about the same issue.

We are all using different Soundcards with different drivers, so this can't be the issue.

We have ALL installed the Ventrilo 2.3.2beta3

Any ideas?

We used 32khz, 16bit, 10Qlt

In our oppinion with increasing Khz the sound is more realistic, but with more sound issues.
8Khz, 16bit, 10Qlt sounds very good for example, but it doesn't sound realistic in any way anymore.

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Are your microphone levels too high? Speex suffers more from distrotion caused by excessive noise more than GSM.
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Has to be something specific to someone's computer that's causing it. Start by finding out who the culprit is.

I've been on Speex servers with 50 people and not experienced that problem, so it's not a generic problem.
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is it you sending the noise?
if it is, then try this.
test in setup and see if you can hear it.
if you can then...
turn off mic boost
reset the amplifiers to zero
and retest

if you cant, then test on the server with the above recommendation
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