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Default Ventrilo 2.3.0 - What should I look at first?

This stickied post is a quick list of some of the new features in version 2.3.0 that most people will like the most. But it is no substitute for the [url=""]ChangeLog[/url].

After you install the program and connect a server right click anywhere in the window and play with these menu options.

View -> Toolbar mode
View -> Grid lines
View -> Title bar

Once in toolbar mode notice the little arrow on the right hand side.

View -> Server Browser (Servers must be version 2.3.0 or higher)
View -> Record / Playback
View -> Working directory (Makes installing wave file binds so much easier)

Of course, you absolutely must check out these new menu options.

Miscellaneous -> Special effects
Miscellaneous -> Add / Remove phantom

Server admins and channel admins will also appreciate the new Drag and Drop (DnD) interface and the ability to drag users into password protected channels without giving the user the channel password.

Server Admin -> Rcon
Server Admin -> Server Properties (Server admin will REALLY like this)

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