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Default Microphone Cutting Out & Huge Ping Spikes

I've been a Ventrilo user for years now and I've had no problem with it, until recently. I've run into a rather annoying/stressful problem that I cannot seem to fix. While I am leading my raid group on World of Warcraft, I will all of a sudden get huge ping spikes (5000-22000) on Vent, while everything else runs fine (WoW, Browsers, Etc). What makes the situation even worse is that when this happens, my microphone starts cutting out to the point where no one can understand a single word I am saying. This problem has never occurred before, so I don't quite understand what is going on. At first, I thought it was my server, but that doesn't seem to be the case as the same problem occurred on several different servers. I've tried resetting my server, my computer and my modem but nothing has helped. This problem has been a huge inconvenience for myself and my group. It is useless trying to lead a raid like this. I am begging for a solution!
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