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Ventrilo will not 'remember' your router. However, the Mac OS can - depending on what settings you are using. Your new router may also be blocking Vent traffic.

A few things to try:

1) Completely uninstall Sophos using their uninstaller. See if that makes a difference.

2) Your new router may be blocking the ports Vent needs to operate. You need to allow traffic on the following ports on your router/firewall

3784 TCP
3784 UDP
6100 UDP

See the instructions that came with your router or contact them directly on how to allow those ports to be opened.

3) If I remember correctly, Sophos also has a built in firewall. That setting needs to be off or it will make a lot of things not work.

4) The Firewall on your Mac needs to be disabled. System Preferences->Security & Privacy->Firewall. Turn Off Firewall if its on.

5) Ensure you network settings are DHCP, unless there's some specific reason you need some other settings. System Preferences->Network->Select your network connection on the left. The Configure IPv4 to Using DHCP. Then check the Advanced Tab. TCP/IP tab should be Using DHCP. DNS may have one entry in the DNS section which would normally be the internal IP address of your router (ignore the entry on the right). This setting should be greyed out as it's supplied by your router automatically. Then check Proxies and ensure no checkboxes in the list are checked. Click Ok, close window and save changes.

6) If all else fails, create a new Test user account on your Mac via the System Preferences->Users & Groups. Then log into that account, download Vent, set it up and give it a try. If it works then the issue is some setting or software installed in your main account.

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