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Default Audio issues with just one person ...

Hey hey!

Not sure if you can help or not, but here goes =)

The guild hosting the vent server we're using is kindly attempting to switch over to the speex codec so the mac users (namely, me ;-) can participate ...

Everybody upgraded their windows clients to the current beta version, including the person running the server. Everybody appears to hear everybody just fine *except* that person running the server. *Some* of the people can hear him just fine, while others (including me) can only hear the first second or two of his broadcast before it immediately statics-out to silence ...

This does not appear to be a client issue, as everybody is running the same client on the windows side. I'm thinking it has to do with the one person's client setup somehow, but it's mystifying why some people hear him fine and others don't ...

In the meantime, since he's also an essential part of coordinating strategies and whatnot -- and it's important everybody can hear what he's saying -- the server's been switched back over to GSM until we can figure out what's going on. I just now got vent working with VPC so at least I should be able to listen-in, but that's kind of a kludgy fix ...

Any ideas from your end?

Thanks =)
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