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Default Windows 7 and Ventrilo not working

The problem I am getting is a slight lag when I push my PTT button and the green light, the audio, and the XMIT button occuring. Then, whenever anyone else transmits, my ventrilo locks up and no longer responds. I have downloaded and tried this with both types of ventrilo for Windows (The i386 for windows xp, vista 2008, etc.) and the x64 windows client. I have tried running it on compatibility mode for both XP and Vista, as well as running it as Administrator. I have tried deleteing and reinstalling and removing my registry, and still no luck. Is anyone else having this problem or can offer some insight? For starters, which client should I be using? Thank you in advance.
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in vent setup/voice-binds-speech tabs, set the output/input to enable 'use directsound' then set them to the name of the audio device you're using

try unchecking 'play key clicks'

[FONT=Verdana]try setting both Vent and any online game to ‘Run As Administrator’ (rt-click their icons)[/FONT]
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