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Default Ventrillo and bluetooth


I'll start at the beggining though im not sure where that is for now.. Well I got a bluetooth dongle and headset today so I could start using it for ventrillo. Bluetooth is set up on my pc fine but i have a few problems which are really annoyin me now ( I havent been able to talk on vent for weeks due to my headset breaking twice lol , so just want this to work )

Anyway it seems i have to keep pairing my headset up with the dongle each time its turned on though i have " auto discovery on " ..

Ventrillo has no options for " bluetooth " and neither does my sound options.

I'm wondering what i do or what i download to get this to work I also put the dongle cd in but nothing came up, the dongle seemed to have installed by itself..

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if the dongle is active then you should see the dongle name in the output/input dropdown list in vent setup/voice-binds-speech tabs

verify the device is active in the windows control-panel/sounds/playback and recording tabs.

depending on your particular dongle, you might have to put the BT in a VoIP mode which allows listening and talking, as opposed to 'music' mode. i just got the Motorola smk-link v3.0+EDR and it works with vent in VoIP mode on win7-64.

check with your dongle manufacturer for driver update.
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