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Default Clients randomly disconnect from my server

I set up the server on a virtual machine from a server in a colocation facility and started with windows 7 and and moved to server 2003 recently because of this issue.

What is happening is (this is my local client on my machine as well) that for no reason at all the server will disconnect users. Even if I am the only client on the server and I am not talking. the problem was worse with windows 7 but still present for the 2003 server.

I don't know what more I can do? is this the Colo's fault? My machine? b/c is it on a virtual machine?

Just wondering
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just tryin to help
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when you get re-connected do you see your (or other users) names duplicated? as in seeing your name twice

if yes this would indicate an abnormal disconnect.

is there anything indicated in the windows event viewer log?

are you running the client on the server pc thru a remote desktop window?
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yes and yes...

I do see a repeated name of the person who disconnected.

Yes I am running the server on a server out of state that I connect to remotely but i am running the client locally (if that answers your question)

As for the event viewer, I can find nothing that coincides with this issue or even happens as frequently as this will happen. It is not something preventing me from using it just annoying as hell when you get randomly disconnected 2-3 times an hour.
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