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Default Can someone help me test my server?

Hi... just wondering whether there is anybody around who could do a test for/with me (March 14/15).

My Ventrilo server is on a Mac iBookG4. Using Ventrilo client, i can connect to the server via the internal (LAN) IP address, and according to the status page, it is accessible from the outside as well (the status page also shows additional user info at the bottom when I am locally connected):

Voice Codec Speex
Voice Format 32 KHz, 16 bit, 5 Qlty
Platform Darwin-powerpc
Version 3.0.3
Channel Count 0
Client Count 1

However, a friend who tried to connect to my server got only as far as the "Contacting server" message and nothing showed up in the log at my end. Since she successfully connected to some of the public test servers that are out there, I would like to confirm whether my server works properly.

I would be very grateful if someone could try to connect to my server (and let me know if the connection is not successful). My IP address is, the port is the standard port, 3784, the password is "testx", and the server name is "aloha kaakou".

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