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Default Cant Talk DirectSound???

This is the lovely error message i keep getting and i ask in game about it and what can be done and everyone says go to "Setup" top right corner pick your sound device. Well i have...and on every single sound device that it gives me i tried it. No success, here is the codeing and error message im getting.

Unable to activate DirectSound for selected device.
DirectSoundCaptureCreate failed. HR=DSERR_NODRIVER. No sound driver is available for use

This hasnt happened until i got myself a new 26" HannSpree Monitor it does have speakers installed inside the monitor but i use my Bose speakers (alot better sound quality). But how would the sound output deal with me speaking? Please help me anyone that might know whats wrong XD
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capture indicates a mic setting problem. in vent setup, set the input box to the name of the mic device you're using.

also try this:

Exit all Vents
In all firewall/virus apps, remove all references to vent in all sections and then either manually re-add it to all ‘allowed’ list or restart vent and let the firewall add it back in.
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Thank you!!! lots i finally got it to work it worked with your first way... it took me a few mins to find what you were talking about lol but then i was like snap there it is i greatly appreciate this it was killn me not talkn lol
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