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Dragon Ruler X
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Default PTT Advanced Toggle

I've looked around online, but haven't found an answer.

The goal i'm trying to reach is simple: Use the PTT-Advanced feature in a "Toggle" type format.

To elaborate - I have a Ventrilo server set with multiple channels. I want to be in a channel called "Commander" and then use Numpad 1 to transmit to Group 1. I do not, however, want to keep holding Numpad 1 to transmit. I want to press Numpad 1 once to begin transmitting forever until I press Numpad 1 again to cease transmission. The purpose of this is so that if I need to type to someone while talking to this other channel - I can - where otherwise I would have to be holding a button down which would instantly feed into the chat log box.

I would also like a "Game-Mode" type option if possible. I understand running as administrator is a valid approach, but I'd rather be able to toggle this feature on the fly by going into settings and checking or unchecking a box thus enabling easier configuration for transmission while in a full screen game where Ventrilo is no longer the "focused" window. The purpose of this would be to not be allowing Ventrilo administrative rights on the "off-chance" that Ventrilo's servers become hacked.

I'm all about security and having options. If methods exist for what i'm proposing then I'd love to hear them. If these don't exist I would highly recommend and appreciate the incorporation of them.

Please let me know what my options are and/or if these changes may be foreseen in the future.

Dragon Ruler X
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