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Smile G15, WoW, and Auto-Switching to Vent display

Hi all,

I've done a search for this but wasn't able to find a way to set this up. I play WoW, and I like to have it set to that as the LCD Display with the Logitech G15 keyboard. There is an option for this keyboard to have 'Immediate Display of High Priority Items' so that they will take priority over what is currently on the display. For example, when I'm playing WoW, it will switch temporarily over to the Media display whenever I change songs. Then it will switch back to the WoW display. Or if I have it on the Ventrilo display, and change songs, it will do the same thing, switch to the Media display, then back to the Ventrilo display. Is it possible for Ventrilo to do this as well, so that when someone speaks, it will temporarily switch over to the Ventrilo display and show who is speaking, then switch back to WoW? I've looked through all of the configuration options, and can't seem to find anything for this.

Thanks all
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Any idea when this may be made a feature in Vent?
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