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Default Stuck on Connecting

Hey Guys, This is a common question asked every now and then, and i guess im going to have to ask it again.
What do you do when you are connecting into a vent and thats all the further you can go. I get stuck on "Connecting" every single time. No matter what server. So far all i could think of is un-installing and re-installing. If you get the chance to answer can you dumb down the answers for me? Im not very computer smart... lol thanks
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i don't think you dumb and it is a comon problem check the sticky posted here [URL][/URL]
yes i know going thru the processes is a pain but google them and see if they belong to your machine or not.
did you change firewalls recently? or update it??

do the telnet connect info is somewhere in here just search for it, if you cant telnet the server your not even getting out of you machine...

ps their installer works fine.

you need more help i check here atleast 2 times a day or PM me

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check your firewall.
you may need to remove ventrilo anad readd it.
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