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Default Questions about the "New Major Upgarde"

Will it work with GSM?

When will it be out?

I find it is almost impossible to get a guild to switch from GSM to SPEEX. Really sort of sucks as my guild choices are limited becouse of this.
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Well, v3.0 is out and the Mac version doesn't seem to have GSM support, despite several posts (deleted? set invisible?) by moderators and Flagship before that it would.
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I never said it was going to be supported. That would have been stupid on my part.

Now that everyone has the Speex fix with 3.0 the reason for not at least trying the Speex codec is pretty much gone. Just get the server configured to support per-channel codecs and play with it some. I'm not asking much.

We run the Speex codec on all of our servers with 32-9 or 32-10 settings and they sound great. If it doesn't then there might be some other root cause.
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So I assume that meant, GSM will never make it to our Mac world?
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I had a conversation with Flagship about this issue. Maybe this will make things more clear....

The problem is that Apple dropped GSM support many years ago during a patent dispute. Microsoft presumably paid the demanded fees and continues to support GSM to this day. In short, on Windows, Flagship gets GSM "for free" - it takes almost zero effort to support.

Using the open source GSM implementation isn't really an option. It would add significant development complexity, maintenance headaches and potentially difficult to solve implementation differences in order to save people from a 5-minute reconfiguration. Since the 3.0 client includes all the voice fixes, there is absolutely no reason for people not to flip the switch. The people with 2.3.x servers will be upgrading to 3.0 soon you can rest assured, because they'll want the feature set (and hosting providers will force the upgrade soon).

If you really want native GSM support, I would encourage everyone to signup for a free ADC online account and file a bug with Apple at Apple does notice when a large number of bugs get filed on the same issue, and it doesn't take that many for them to take notice.

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