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Default Server 3.0 requirements

Note: This only applies if you are running your own local 8 slot server. Clients need not worry about this.

1) You must open both UDP and TCP in your local firewall for port 3784 in order for the program to work properly.

2) If you have a router protected your internal network then you must open both UDP and TCP for port 3784 and forward that port to the static IP of the machine running internally on your local LAN hosting your server.

3) If you edit your routers configuration then do your self a favor and save your self a ton of headaches and power cycle your router. Some of these things don't apply the changes until you do. I know this first hand. (There's two hours of my life I'm never going to get back).

If you are running your own server behind a router and you are connected to your own server from your inside network, then always specify the internal LAN IP address and not your routers external WAN address. Many routers will NOT loop the request back in. The WAN Address is only for people on the outside connecting into your server.

Other then these changes you should be able to stop your existing server, install the new binary, restart the server. Everything else is automatic.

I'll add to this sticky as problems show up.


Edit-1: I have posted a preliminary version of the [URL=""]UAR page here[/URL]. Please read it to help you understand the new paradigm. It's not really hard. Just a different way of thinking and the only real way to control trouble makers, not to mention the voice and commanding targets depend on it.

Edit-2: I just wanted everyone to know that all Pro Hosted servers must be upgraded to 3.0. But we do give all licensees two weeks after the public release (today Nov 14th) to perform the upgrade. This way they can upgrade as their schedule permits. But even then you'll find that most upgrade within the first 72 hours with most in the first 24 hours.
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