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Default Password lost / Previous version restore didn't work

While I was playing online with ventrilo enable my computer crashed. When I restarted my computer I turned on ventrilo but saw that I couldn't connect to the server I was using before. I check the vent info and saw that the password was missing, infact all of my passwords to all the vent info I had was gone.

I didn't make a backup, cause I didn't know such an issue like this existed but my computer did have a restore point saved from a month ago. I use Windows 7 and it had the option to copy/restore a previous version of the ventrilo2.ini file. I did a copy first and deleted the bad ventrilo2.ini to the copy. I open ventrilo and password is still missing. I did a file restore and still the same problem.

Do I need to remove the program and reinstall to make it work? Because to me, it makes no sense that I would have the same issue even after a file restore.

I have version 3.0.8. My computer is a Windows 7, 32-bit and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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You will need to renter the passwords.
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That doesn't answer my question at all. I want to restore the info back and make sure the problem won't happen again. I did a restore for crying out loud, so it should be working fine again but it's not. Should I select the folder (where the ventrilo2.ini file is located) instead of just the file and restore that? Maybe use an older version of ventrilo which might be much more stable? I need real solutions to work on if you would please.
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