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Question Port Forwarding/Triggering Setup

Version: Ventrilo Client/Server 2.3
Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition SP2
Router: Linksys Network Anywhere NR041

Goal: I have 3 computers on my network connected by a router (which in turn connects to the dsl modem). My goal is to open the ports on my router so I can run the ventrilo server from computer B (which is a computer rarely used) and connect from Computer A (which is the computer I'm on all the time when gaming).

Additional Information: With that being said, I've called Linksys (HELL!) 3 times trying to enable a static IP, disabling my DMZ, and opening port 3784. Computer B has the basic Windows Firewall which I tried disabling to get this working. (If I can get it working, I can configure the firewall later). I've used this detailed guide to try and enable the ports:


I think at this point, I need to sit down and try it again, call Linksys again *cries*, and try it again with what I know now. If more information is needed if you're willing to help, let me know. My ultimate goal is either keep the DMZ enabled for Computer A, or disable it totally and just go to port forwarding for ventrilo and all my other applications. I'm trying ventrilo because it's one of the programs I'm trying to enable this option and it's easy to find out if other people can connect or not.

Question 1: Do you have this same setup with having a secondary computer as the server and how did you accomplish it?

Question 2: Any input on my scenario or do you have the same router with the setup of what I'm trying to accomplish?
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