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Default Win7RC1 output device not selectable win7/64

using client 3.0.5 64bit on a system with realtek mainboard audio.
default speaker device is 5.1 out the rear connectors
Also have stero front panel (headphone) device

If I set the vent audio output to the front panel output, the sound continues to come out the read speaker connections. Interesting, If I set PTT output to the front panel device, that comes out the headphones just fine.
Selecting direct sound on or off doesn't seem to make any difference (voice sound, audio effects like ptt always come out the (default) speakers.
Any suggestions? Thanks!

For the record I have latest realtek/gigabyte drivers, also have creative x-fi with drivers installed, but not used in this configuration. Its a fresh win 7 RC1 install, with all current patches

More... For some reason after a couple reboots and not knowingly changing anything, vent decided to send the voices to the front panel output device. So now its almost working as expected though we dont know what happened to change its mind,
Somehow the PTT beeps are still being routed to the rear panel (5.1) audio device.

Its a very confused application

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