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Default Weird problem/question.

I have set up a server and it works, people can log on and it runs smooth. Thing is I use an Android phone to connect to vent servers when im on the go, which every server I have connected to works perfectly, even your one (I was wondering if it was a 3784 port problem with my phone's internet service but it worked). I can connect to my server from anywhere and anyone I ask to test it works for them as well, just some reason I can't connect to my server using my phone's vent client.
Error is : "Connection to server failed: could not authenticate server: timed out waiting for ventrilo server." As stated before, I have successfuly connect to any other vent server using my phone with no problem, just my server is what I am having problems with. So the real question is... Is there some INI setting I have wrong? I am using the default .ini file with the exeption of server named and admin pass change.
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