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Default Couple of breaking issues

Windows 10 pro 64

Vent client 3 worked like a charm for years until v4: Also, my host made the changes they needed to make for us to work with v4 and he said all is fine on his end (

Issue #1: After installing v4 and running it, it wanted to migrate my settings. After doing so, I can connect but all i see is a white box where what would normally be my channels list. The top portion and bottom portion of the vent window appear to be fine, working and clickable, just nothing in the center. I can hear people connect and disconnect. They can not hear me, I can hear them also.

Issue #2. In the past, the config files I preferred to back up were located at c:\users\name)\appdata\roaming\ventrilo. Now that folder does not even exist. Nor is there a Ventrilo folder anywhere in AppData (local or roaming) nor is there a Ventrilo folder in c:\ProgramData. So, my question is, where are all of the config files stored. If they have moved to a location that isnt common to where most people would look...bad move. Also, if they have moved, you might want to add this info to the docs.

I suspect I possibly might have a permission issue or maybe a corrupted file somewhere so that is why I am looking for these files.

I have uninstalled the v4 and reinstalled, to no avail.
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let's start here first:

all the necessary files are located in your windows documents folder in the ventrilodata folder.

can you connect to this test server and see all the channels:
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