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Default Love You Ventrilo Dev Team, But could you please update us?

I am a long time Vent-Wow user on my Mac and have had only great results. Never a hiccup when using vent. But for nearly a year now I have had the Logitech G13 Game Pad and would LOVE to be able to utilize the LCD screen as a Vent info window like on PC's. There has basically been a post for about 1.5 years in the forms hinting that the work has begun on this fix. I would like to mention this was one of the sales points I took into concideration for upgrading to a G13 with the LCD screen. I am not mad in anyway, I would just like to know if their is some sort of time table when and if this will ever be made public.

Thanks in advance Guys and thank you for all your hard work on such a great product!

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