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Default The GSM Problem

I have installed Ventrilo 3.0.4 in my Intel Based mac with Mac OS 10.6.2. Everything worked fine until I connected to the Ventrilo Server we usually use to communicate while playing an MMORPG.
Ventrilo told me, that it is missing the GSM 6.10 Codec. And I could't hear or say anything in the vent. After hours upon ours of "googeling" and trying out every single workaround and every single fix for said workarounds I did not get it to work with GSM 6.10 !

I have a simple question, how can you release a ventrilo version that does not have it's standard codec implemented ? I simply can not understand that, I whould even pay for such a client if it is really necessary.

Is it planned to implement GSM 6.10 codecs in the Mac OS X versions? If yes, when can i expect it to be released. It would be a pleasure to know what you are planning in these direction.

With lots of thanks for the good working Windows Version,
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because microsoft owns the license to the GSM codec and Apple decidec not to purchase a license from them. there's nothing Ventrilo can do about that.

That is why the Speex codec is included.
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For information about codec's see the Macintosh Troubleshooting Forums.

It takes all of about 30 seconds to change the Vent Server to support multiple platforms.
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