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Default macOS 13 issues

This week we discovered a few problems with the Mac Client running on macOS 13.

The most obvious problem occurs when using the default / classic themes. There is a bug in the client that prior to os13 was ignored by the older operating systems but for some reason has become visible starting with os13.

The display is all out of alignment due to this bug. While the code has been fixed here locally, we are resolving a few other issues that were found that relate to os13 only. With any luck we should be releasing a 4.1.4 mac only client this coming week.

In the mean time you can solve the gui problem by download and installing a theme that overrides the default toolbar and mutebar. For example you download one of these:

Galvanized-Sunken theme here =

CornerBulbs might be more to your liking =

So long as the default toolbar and mutebars have been disabled and recreated the gui should work just fine as an interim solution.

If you already have 4.1.3 client installed you should be able to double click on the download VTP file and the program will ask you to import it for you. Otherwise, just copy it to your documents/ventrilodata/themes folder, click on the menu button (lower right) and select it from the Themes option.

Will advise this coming week when 4.1.4 will be available.

Sorry for the problems. Not sure why this bug would suddenly show up. Wondering what apple changed to effect it?

Flagship Industries, Inc.

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