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Default Echoing problem with channels

I recently set up a new vent server and found that there's a really odd echoing problem in any created channels.

Whilst in the basic channel that came with the vent server, the sound is just like it was on the old server... However as soon as we try to create a new channel and speak in it it sounds like we are all arena announcers. The sound is replayed a fractional second after you hear it the first time giving the echoing effect.

What's most irritating is that I've tried changing the codecs and the channel settings, but as soon as we leave the basic channel the problem occurs without fail.

Any advice on this one would be greatly appreciated.
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the vent server does not modify the incoming signal except for converting from one codex to another if the channels are configured differently.

any echoing or sound effects are caused by user's audio settings.

suggest you have everyone check their audio and turn off all effects.

also have everyone check these settings:

Basic Sound System Setup

(Windows XP)
Goto control-panel / sounds & audio / audio tab / volume button / select ‘options’ in the menu / check ‘advanced’ / select ‘properties’ / select ‘playback’ radio button / check all boxes
select ‘record’ radio button / check all boxes / click OK

In the playback list of devices – check the ‘mute’ box under Microphone. Close window

Click the volume button in the ‘sound recording’ section. If the check boxes display ‘Select’ then check the box under Microphone. If the check boxes display ‘Mute’ then check all boxes EXCEPT ‘Microphone’ and ‘Mute All’

(Windows Vista/7)
Goto control-panel / sound / Playback tab / select speaker device / click ‘properties’ / Levels tab / mute the microphone (click the little speaker icon to see the red circle) / also mute anything listed as ‘Pink-In

Other possible settings may be included with the sound card audio manager program.

Temporarily disable any other sound/voice altering programs (if in use)

Generic Voice Problems

Make sure your soundcard drivers are up to date.

- If you have a brand-name PC, like Dell or HP, then check the manufacturers website for driver updates.
- If you built the PC and use the on-board sound device then check the motherboard manufacturers website for drivers for your model motherboard.
- If you use a plug-in soundcard, like SoundBlaster, then check that manufacturers website for drivers.

In vent setup, try setting the input/output devices to ‘use directsound’ and setting the device name to the sound device you’re using. (also try different combinations of checking/unchecking ‘use directsound’)

In the ‘hardware mixer’ section > set mixer={sound-device name}, mux=recording (master volume), line=microphone (master volume)
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