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Default Recomendation

Well, this is a very simple recomendation. I have a ventrilo 150 slots with 100 users per night and i have like 8 admins, 2 owners (me & friend). But all my admins need to move to all channels so i have to check the "Server Admin" option, but with this option they actually can touch the user editor and edit everything, so i recommend Ventrilo creators (programmers and all) to create options like:

- Password for join User Editor
- Something like "Completed Server Admin" check box (allow edit user editor) and "Server Admin" checkbox (allow move to all channels and the other stuff).

This is a idea from a user who knows all commands and have one of the biggest ventrilo servers (alot of users).

Thank You very much.
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instead of setting them as server admin, use the channel admin tab.
have all clients join a specific on login instead of going into the lobby (which only server admin is allowed to move people to/from)
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Well, i will explain my self. The ventrilo server that i use have lobbys (all users are Guest) and 100 channels with password. If i set the "Channel admin" for my admins, they can't join the channel without the passwrd, thats weird becouse is "channel admin" but they don't have access lol, so i want my admins move around all channels without server admin check and thats impossible.

Ventrilo should think in big and make more user editor protections for biggest servers with so many ppl and many admins too. Sometimes i have troubles with the admins joinin the user editor and changin access.

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you need to make the only 2 server admins under the admin tab you and your friend.

you need to make all the other people that you want to be admins CHAN admin.

check out my post on the sticky "user editor basics".

you make the user "admin" the channel admin of the top channel (which is the channel that has the sub-channels under it) and they are the admin for the whole tree of channels IE:

"A" Raid

just make sure you give them the right to move people .. under the admin tab.

and another thing you need to do .. is make a lobby that everyone goes into. (you can edit this under the user editor)

then make all your admins the channel admin for said lobby.

ding your done hope this helps a lot.
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