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Default Admin and sub admin issues

I bought a server and have set myself up as the admin, no problem, except that the original name i set up as admin cant talk anymore. when i log on under that name it shows that only i am logged on even though i know others are on. But i just created a new name and can log on fine, i can also log in as admin and have all those abilities and still talk, so thats not really an issue, just weird.

However, i tried giving a friend of mine some admin rights, but his wont work at all, the same thing happens where he gets redirected into an empty vent but he couldnt even create a different name and log in as admin like i can.
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in user-editor, make sure they have all the permissions to 'see' and 'broadcast' (network,transmit,display tabs)
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I would try to log in as an admin to the server
-select the user name
LOAD Generic User and click update (this lets them transmit and see channels)

it does not however give them admin, channel admin, or channel authorization rights. (you have to change them if you want per user)

this is a quick and simple fix if you want to utilize it.

and remember if you gave your friend some admin rights .. but not a server admin the only thing they can do is some of the admin rights (kick,ban,add users,delete users) they can not however move people.

This is covered under a "Sticky" on the server forums.
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Default more questions

what about the password issue, i assign him a password and it doesnt recognize it when he tries to login as admin
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