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Default Private Chat Indicator

I searched the forum and couldn't find any info before I posted this so if it's already been asked I apologize.

Is there a way to disable the yellow indication when a user is interacting in private chat? This kind of ruins the fact that you are trying to private chat when others are able to see you are communicating privately with someone else. I hope there's a way to get rid of this. Just to be clear, when I talk privately with someone I don't want any indication displayed that we are talking. Is this possible to deactivate?

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No, the nice thing about this is the fact that NO ONE except for the parties involved know that your talking to them. So if you have the U2U enabled for multiple people the receiving parties can be more than just one.

The indicator just shows that there is a transmission to the server NOT that you cant talk.

This is the same effect that the "Global Mute at log in" has.

It is yellow instead of green.

Hope this helps
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