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Default Cannot reconnect as Admin

So I set up my own free server. All went fine until I set myself as admin and put in a password while in my server in User Editor. I edited my .ini file and set the AdminPassword to the password that I set. But for some reason it won't let me log in my own server!

This is pretty bad considering I used my own ip address, my only means of having a vent server, and I locked myself out of it. I don't want to just "settle" as a normal user. Can anyone help me out here please?
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did you restart the server after editing the INI file?
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Try to log in as a normal user (without a password) and then right click and log in as an admin (enter admin pw). Then go to USER EDITOR change your password. OR give yourself a user account. Then make you the server admin (located under the server tab)

Save your entry.
Log out.
log in using the new pw.

hope this helps.


try restarting the server (if its on a PC restart the pc) this may help fix everything.
you just have to remember ANY change to the .INI must be saved by restarting the server. OR log out and back in.

one suggestion is make a copy of the INI file before you change anything (just in case) change the name of the copy so it is easily recognized. This way any changed have a sort of "roll back" and this will give you a restore point option.

in the event that you need to utilize this just delete the new (NOT the copy) INI file and rename the copy to the original state (change the name back to the .INI)
then you have a restored server.
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